When speaking I enjoy connecting with my audience.  Relating personal experiences and wisdom gained through my journey as a self-proclaimed "recovered workaholic," I enlighten, inspire and empower women to find their own Real Everyday Balance. 


Each of my speaking points are offered in two formats:

  1. Quick-learn speeches are designed to provide information and encouragement, as well as practical strategies for immediate use.  Quick-learns are 20-40 minutes long.

  2. Interactive speeches also provide information, encouragement and practical strategies.  In addition, the audience will have the opportunity to participate through discussion and activities designed to foster confidence and action toward taking control of their life balance.  Interactive speeches are 60-90 minutes long.

Additionally, I can combine all my speaking points, plus more valuable content, to deliver a 3-4 hour participant workshop with custom materials and a copy of my book, Real Everyday Balance: The Journey.


Invite me to speak at your workplace, association, meeting or community event -  Contact me today to make plans.


We've all experienced it - times when saying no is the right thing to do, but not the easy thing to do.  In these situations we tend to say yes, hurting ourselves, or to say no in a way that is less than pleasant and possibly hurting our relationship with the person asking.  I talk candidly with audience members about why we have a hard time saying no.  I guide the audience toward understanding when 'no' is the appropriate response, even to a person in authority.  I shed light on the harmful impact to our balance that results from always saying yes, or saying no impolitely.  And I leave my audience with sound advice on how to become a master of saying no gracefully.

It's easy to know when life is out of balance.  It's not so easy to know how to begin restoring balance.  I enlighten my audience on the best place to start - teaching them how to discover what their life priorities and top core values are.  I share with them the importance of starting with this bit of self-discovery versus using a ready-fire-aim approach at making changes hoping for desired results.  I give the audience permission to adapt and change what balance means to them through different seasons and circumstances of life.  Finally, I provide my audience with strategies to protect their life priorities and top core values, thus protecting the Real Everyday Balance.

Just like our bodies are a combination of different parts, our lives are made up of many different elements.  All too often we separate and compartmentalize these elements instead of blending them together for a harmoniously balanced life.  I reveal what I have found to be the eight common elements for Real Everyday Balance.  I discuss the challenges and pitfalls of each one.  I provide tips on how to begin bringing balance to each individual element.  And I conclude by giving my audience the knowledge necessary to create their unique blend of elements for a life that is balanced in this real everyday world.

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