My earliest memories of organizing were for my client Barbie in her Dream House.  We created a place for everything and everything was in its place.  She had systems and processes that made her life smooth and balanced.  She recommended me to all of her friends!  I've been organizing ever since.  Offices, homes, events, files and documents - I've sorted, released and restored order for those places where confusion has crept in.  I've provided systems and strategies to keep clutter away and restore balance in every disorganized situation.

Contact me today to arrange a free consultation and learn how I can help you turn chaos into calm.

Is your office a pile of papers, stacks and "it's in here somewhere"?

Does your calendar fail to remind you of important meetings and events?

Are all your electronic files saved in the Documents folder on your computer?

Is your to-do list quickly becoming an undone list?

Is your conference room, reception area or supply closet doing double duty as a catch-all for the miscellaneous?

Or perhaps at home - your clothes, your pantry, your garage, your kids room, your laundry room - are out of control causing you to spend countless precious moments searching for what you need rather than spending time with those you love?

I can help... I will help!

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