Janet Sue Hammond                

Speaker / Balance Coach

I am a Professional Speaker, Leader, and Balance Coach on a mission to guide busy women to blend every area of their lives with the goal of having a Real Everyday Balance that allows them to remain true to their priorities and values.


With the variety of demands in our daily lives, women often try to separate their professional and personal lives in search of the ever elusive "work-life balance".  And then to further compartmentalize those areas into smaller boxes.  To have true balance doesn't mean division.  Instead it means weaving all of life together, defining priorities, committing to a set of values, setting boundaries, and organizing time and spaces to create sustainable balance.


Through speaking engagements, workshops and individual relationships, I help women evaluate and identify areas and elements of imbalance in their lives.  I teach them where to start and how to take action to regain control.  I guide them to discovering and implementing customized solutions that align with their priorities, values and beliefs.


My 30+ years as an administrative professional in a variety of industries and office settings, coupled with my experiences as a volunteer, wife, mother, daughter and friend, has given me invaluable understanding into the challenges facing busy women trying to navigate their path through life maintaining some semblance of balance.  I have mastered the art of developing tailor-made solutions to practically every situation.  I firmly believe that one size does not fit all and that each person must be define their life priorities and top core values in order for any change or healing to occur.  I am dedicated to equipping and empowering women to begin their journey from chaos to calm and the realization of Real Everyday Balance!

My Life Priorities

God... Relationships... Career... Learning... Health...

My Top Core Values

Honesty... Laughter... Reliability... Open-Mindedness... Connection...

What I like "just for fun"

Historical Fiction... Hanging out with Nature... Dysfunctional Sitcoms... Jigsaw and Word Search Puzzles...

Comfort Foods

Kentucky Hot Brown... Charleston Shrimp & Grits... Calzone... Cookie Dough Ice Cream...

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Call or Text: 859-553-1170

Email: janet@realeverydaybalance.com

Charleston, SC